the night Max wore his wolf suit

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[…] he gave up being king of where the wild things are. But the wild things cried, “Oh please don’t go, we’ll eat you - we love you so!” And Max said, “No!”. The wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws, but Max stepped into his private boat and waved good-bye and sailed back over a year and in and out of weeks and through a day.

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Where the Wild Things Are
Spike Jonze. 2009

Discovery Bay Coastal Park
Victoria 3305, Australia
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Don’t go. I’ll eat you up, I love you so.

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I made a mistake and I never forgot
I tied knots in the laces of
My worried shoes
And with every step that I'd take I'd remember my mistake
As I marched further and further away
In my worried shoes


Wild Things by Eren Unten
11” X 17” giclee print, numbered edition of 30. Available 12pm EST Friday, January 24th 2014, from the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

A recent commission that I did traditionally. Its been SO long since I inked on paper…and its been a while since I drew any wild things!
But anyway, commissions from me will be closed soon since I’m starting a new job on Monday. More info on that later :]


Will you keep out all the sadness? I have a sadness shield that keeps out all the sadness, and it’s big enough for all of us.

Where the Wild Things Are (2009) directed by Spike Jonze.